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If one of your key goals is to increase your competitive advantage, through developing a highly efficient production system that your competition cannot match, then welcometo our homepage which is dedicated to you discovering if we can help your business achieve your key goals.

” We have generated over £7 million in R&D grant funding
for over 30 of our clients and collaborators “

Discover now if we can help by checking if you

have one or more of the following high variability work environments …
  • … a diverse range of products/services or your products/services are highly customised.
  • … high levels of process complexity and/or long process chains and/or complex supply chains.
  • … customers who order in small quantities and/or at irregular frequencies and/or require short delivery lead times.
  • … high levels of production and/or service disruptions both internally and in your supply chain.
I have one or more of the above>> yes/no

” We specialise in facilitating flow processing in work environments
with high levels of product, process and demand variability “

would want to benefit from one or more of the following improvements …

  • … improving due date delivery performance
  • … improving order-to-delivery lead times
  • … reducing costs
  • … improving productivity levels
  • … improving equipment operating efficiency
  • … reducing job queuing and equipment idle time
  • … increasing resource usage efficiency
  • … reducing resource wastage
  • … reducing scrap and rework
  • … improving quality

” We focus on improving your return on investment, return on capital employed and
reducing your working capital to facilitate competitiveness and business growth “

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