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Our aim is to improve your competitiveness & growth capability by

” increasing your throughput and your resource usage efficiency “

We achieve this aim by developing for high variability work environments …about

  • … customised facilities layouts and work flows
  • … customised scheduling and sequencing methods
  • … customised operation & resource co-ordination and synchronisation systems
  • … decision-support systems that reduce frequency and duration of disruptions
  • … process improvements for increasing throughput and resource usage efficiency

” Sustainability and care of the environment
is a valued by-product from our improvement activities “

skillWe achieve the above aim through use of our unique skills and expertise which includes

  • Use of facility layouts customised for HVCWEs which include Optimised Drum-Buffer-Rope, Conwip, Process Sequence Cells, Mixed- and Multi-model Flow Processing Lines,
  • Use of a structured cost, process time and resource model development process  that enables you to retain full control of the scope and accuracy of the models being developed for use in process improvement, root cause analysis, scheduling and sequencing and variability effects measurement.
  • Use of AI-based modellingtools which enables development of optimum schedules and job sequences through traditional mixed model flow processing lines.
  • Use of customised resource planning methods such as the Lead Time Resource Planning methodology which considers the planning methods used to ensure that flow processing lines can address both throughput and lead time considerations.

We achieve the above aim through use of our unique knowledge and experience acquired through

  • …working with the UK’s leading continuous improvement organisations which includeRolls-Royce, Unipart, Caterpillar and the Lear Group

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