Here Is Our Approach To Helping You

Organisations often have both ‘standard improvements’ and ‘custom improvements’ that need undertaking. We cater for both

Our Standard Improvement Approach

For obtaining Process And Operations-Basedcost-, quality-, delivery reliability-, lead time- and product range-based benefits the following steps are used

Day 1: Diagnostics, analysis and improvement planning
  1. Introduction to improvement philosophy and checklists.
  2. Collect process information using a standard process diagnostic checklist.
  3. Identify potential improvement areas by analysing diagnostic information using a standard analysis checklist.
  4. Identify root causes of issues using a standard root cause analysis checklist.
  5. Identify potential implementation methods, resources required for implementation and develop an implementation plan using standard checklists and planning templates.
Day 2: Improvement implementation

Implementation of the improvement plan developed in Step 5 above will take place once all the resources required have been assembled.

Day 3: Post-implementation auditing for sustainment

Auditing of the improved process will be undertaken using a standard diagnostic checklist and a standard sustainment recommendations checklist.

 Through our work we aim to improve the main elements of competitive advantage quality, cost, delivery reliability, delivery lead time and the levels of product choice offered to your customers

Our Customised Improvement Approach

A customised approach is recommended for whole- or sub-system improvements consisting of the following standard initial diagnostic, analysis and planning activities.

For the customised approach we use a standard tool for estimating the number of days required to undertake each of the diagnostic, analysis, planning, implementation, and auditing & sustainment planning steps.

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