These Are Examples Of Our Work

Rolls-Royce PLC
  • Engine repair & overhaul where variations in R&O work contents result from variable and uncertain engine conditions. Original batch processing converted to flow processing.
  • New engine assembly, and precision machining of shafts and blade castings where process and part variability result in long lead times and delivery unreliability. Original priority rule-based batch processing converted to drum-buffer-rope constraint based planning and control.
Caterpillar BCD
  • Assembly of the Telehandler product range where design options resulted in high levels of variation in work contents and consequent low operator utilisation. The flexible staffing system developed by HAL staff enabled optimum movement of operators between work stations that minimised staff requirements.
  • Custom designed system was developed to schedule coils of sheet steel through a bank of annealing furnaces such that minimum wastage of energy occurred and furnace utilisation was optimised.
  • Custom designed system was developed for sequencing ingots into bank of furnaces such that hot rolling mill schedules could be optimised.
Plastics Omnium
  • Parts sequencing system developed that minimised production time lost through ‘paint colour change-overs’ resulting in 50% reduction in change-over times.
  • Lean manufacturing cells implemented for off-line production of sub-assemblies.

Perkins Engine Group

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